Cathodic Protection Welding suppliers

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Cathodic Protection Welding suppliers

Product Introduction
Copper welding machine was developed in Sweden in the 1950s for on-site electrical connections between cables and fittings on rails and has become a preferred method because of its strong, fast and safe connection to minimize adverse effects on the metal.
Copper welding machine produced by The British BAC company is a safe and reliable fully automated welding equipment, which can be used to weld the cable to the oil and gas pipeline and other metal structures. It has been widely used in the construction of the cathodic protection system, and is the best alternative to the traditional aluminothermic welding and exothermic welding.
Product feature and application
Copper welding machine is suitable for continuous connection between pipes, cross flange connection, cathodic protection test and current-carrying cable connection, bracelet type electric anode connection and so on.
Copper welder equipment is very strong, easy to operate, easy to maintain, very suitable for field work.Generator pin brazing guns are ideal for large number of connections at static locations, such as pipe coating fields, laying barges, or workshops.The e Easy Reach system was developed to connect cathode-protection cables to vacuum-excavated pipes that can be extended to a depth of 2.8 meters (9 feet).
Prodection details
Portable copper welding machine operation is simple and the high quality and low price, the equipment is small in size, light weight, easy to transport, single point welding time just 1.5 seconds, the welding temperature is below 650 C, the welding process is controlled by the torch inside the fuse, the smallest type of device on a single charge can 15 pin welding, welding for on-board recharging, if charging and welding alternately, is five times a day the number of welding can improve, so as to greatly improve the working efficiency.
Prodect qualification
We have a group of high quality professional and technical personnel, with their rich product design and engineering experience, has been adhering to the creative solutions to meet customer needs for a long time, the warranty period to provide molding in strict accordance with the quality policy: quality, performance, reliability, safety; Provide a full range of services throughout the project to ensure that the company's services are present at every stage of the client's project.
Our equipment is widely used in petrochina, Sinopec, municipal, power plant and other fields, and our products are exported to the Middle East, The United Kingdom, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia and other countries and regions.
Deliver,shipping and serving
1. After the equipment inspection is completed, clean up the equipment.
2. Coated packaging for the equipment
3. Print the operation manual and certificate, and put the manual into the equipment
4. Put the equipment into the delivery area.
1. Consulting and training of cathodic protection technology.
2. On-site test, design, construction and technical service of impressed current and sacrificial anode protection system.Cathodic Protection Welding suppliers

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