Compression Moulded Magnets made in China

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Compression Moulded Magnets made in China

NdFeB magnetic rings are different from soft magnetic rings, soft magnetic rings are commonly used anti-jamming components in electronic circuits to suppress high-frequency noise.But bonded NdFeB magnetic ring is used in motors or sensors for electric drive or magnetic supply of magnetic signals to Hall components.Because the main component of the material is NdFeB alloy powder, and it is solidified with thermosetting resin, it is called bonded NdFeB magnetic ring. Usually, the production of bonded NdFeB magnetic rings requires customized molds and magnetization fixtures. In the case of small quantities, some samples can also be processed by cutting technology. The magnetic properties of the bonded NdFeB magnetic ring are between those of sintered NdFeB and ferrite, so the dosage is not as extensive as that of sintered NdFeB. Metal) will be slightly more expensive than ferrite. The advantage of the bonded NdFeB magnetic ring is that it is powder metallurgy compression molding, which has the advantages of extremely high dimensional accuracy, good magnetic uniformity and consistency. When magnetized, because there is no orientation, the internal crystal structure is isotropic, It can be magnetized with multi-pole inner diameter and multi-pole outer diameter, depending on whether the motor is an inner rotor or an outer lepton structure. If necessary, the magnetic ring can also be magnetized with plane multi-pole, which is used for instruments or meters. Induction signal detection. We can customize according to customer requirements. At present, there are more than 1000 kinds of specifications produced, and the size of the magnetic ring ranges from 蠁1 to 蠁150mm.Compression Moulded Magnets made in China

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